CURRENT AFFAIRS: Senatorial Debate

Watching this debate is bringing some surprises as well as confirming some facts about tonight’s candidates.  Something that I realize that I’m using in judging the speakers in the way they speak aside from what they’re saying which is the more valuable (even if it’s political b.s.) is Longinus’ elements of skills in seeking the sublime. 

Leiberman just stated my thoughts exactly:  Lamont has spent so much time and money telling the voters what Lieberman’s done wrong that he hasn’t said anything about what he’d do right for the people.  Lamont has just started his reply yet again with "Leiberman…"  Definitely the biggest crybaby in this campaign.

Leiberman’s right behind him.

The Green Party candidate, Realph Ferrucci, and that of Timothy Knibbs, for the Concerned Citizen’s party, are barely holding their own against the others, but their lack of finesse and polish (and a lot of stammering and sweating) doesn’t hide some good ideas they have, as well as some unrealistic goals and plans. 

Schlesinger is looking very good right now.  Though he is the Republican candidate, they have not funded him at all for this campaign, and I haven’t seen one ad.  He is also from my home town of Derby, so I was a bit wary.  The only thing I don’t like about him is that he tries to be funny and it just isn’t coming off well, and actually makes him sound a bit goofy and disrespectful.

Lamont is the typical slick politician, nothing real about this man.  Schlesinger’s too real, no slickness here, and he could use some.  Leiberman’s…well, he’s Leiberman and Connecticut certainly isn’t in the best shape under his time in office.

I’m listening now to the closing statements, and  Knibbs should hook up with a party.  He has the fire and the passion.  Ferrucci is a truckdriver who just is not a politician but he sounds like John Q. Public, or the man on the street so his concerns are real.  Just don’t know if he’d know how to remedy the problems.

Joe Leiberman reailly has to scrap the "across party lines" line.

Alan Schlesinger really has to scrap the sarcastic comedy act.

And for God’s sake, Ned Lamont has to get over his obsession with Leiberman.  Oh my, he’s back on Bush’s tail for his windup speech.

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