CURRENT AFFAIRS: Slates and Platforms and Records, Oh My!

So armed with the visual on-the-spot (rehearsed) debates, and with Longinus and Plato inadvertantly guiding my opinions of the candidates as speakers and planners, my next step is to go through their websites one more time and elsewhere to check their political records and deeds and confirm the final decisions.

I’ve just gotta make one comment on the Foley affair because I just don’t see how it has anything to do with these particular elections but it’s being used as fodder just the same.

When it first came to light and became a political issue, one of my thoughts was: Huh.  It seems that while the Democrats felt what Clinton did was a-okay, this is horrible and immoral and all the Republicans are hypocrites because they’re covering it up and ohmygosh, lying! 

Didn’t take long to jump from there to the opposite viewpoint: Republicans thought Clinton was a pervert but this thing with Foley isn’t any worse. 

What makes me laugh is that the liberals are getting themselves into some serious hypocrisy here when they say (and yes, I’ve seen it, read it, and won’t point you to it) that this IS worse.  Clinton’s was an ordinary sexual  indiscretion.   Does that mean that because Foley’s is homosexual it’s different?

The defense as well as the offense of any particular hijinks seems to ride not on political beliefs, but rather who did the dirty deed.

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