LITERATURE: No Country for Old Men and Ethan Frome – POV Technique

Oddly enough, though this is likely the first time I’m concurrently reading two novels, the two I’ve chosen start out in first person pov as an introduction, then switch to third to begin the main body of the book.  Edith Wharton, in Ethan Frome, chooses to title this first section as an intro; Cormac McCarthy, in No Country, separates it out by the use of italics and a blank space at the bottom of the page (we all know McCarthy, he’s declared a moratorium on punctuation so why should we expect section headings?). 

Curiouser still–though I’m not positive with No Country as yet–in both, the main character is introduced by that first person pov, so we know a bit about him as seen through a contemporary and are ready for him with some preconceived notions when he shows up in the next section.

It’s but another tool used by an experienced writer that enhances characterization.

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