LITERATURE: On The Road – The Times, They Ain’t Changed Much

So our narrator Sal, curious and bit jealous of the closeness between his friends Dean and Carlos, listens in on one of their special late night meetings of the minds:

They started in again. ‘When you borrowed that nickel to make up the check for the chicken-fried steaks–‘

‘No, man the chili!  Remember, the Texas Star?’

‘I was mixing it with Tuesday.  When you borrowed that nickel you said, now listen, you said, "Carlo, this is the last time I’ll impose on you," as if, and really, you meant that I had agreed with you about no more imposing.’

‘No, no, no, I didn’t mean that–you harken back now if you will, my dear fellow, to the night Marylou was crying in the room, and when, turning to you and indicating by my extra added sincerity of tone which we both knew was contrived but had its intention, that is, by my play-acting I showed that–But wait, that isn’t it.’  (p. 49)

Now this is very realistic, and makes about as much sense as any pot-induced heavy discussion I’ve been amused by in the past.  I recall one hour-long conversation between two friends, complete with giggling, about a pencil eraser. I don’t believe it was settled before they upped and headed for the fridge.

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