REALITY?: Drop-out

When my dad was alone in his last two years, he used to tell me how tired he was of watching what people do, how they act towards each other.  I always argued with him that there were always people doing these things; that we just hear about them more often because of the media.  But I’m really wondering myself about people and what motivates them. 

I was supposed to meet a real estate agent and the builder who bought the two lots below my dad’s house (the property was separated out) yesterday so he could explain some things about the sewer line and walk the property.  I’d also let the agent see the inside of the house again to reevaluate it for a possible buyer since my sister still, after two and a half years, won’t make a reasonable offer for it.  They backed out of the meeting because they’re afraid to get on the bad side of her.  My lawyer won’t get me the answers after a month of waiting and the estate attorney hasn’t helped in getting my sister to send the information either.

So early next week, I hope to meet with yet a third lawyer who may be willing to tell me where I’m wrong, or if my lawyer really is the jerk I’m believing him to be. 

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