NEW MEDIA: One Step Forward, One Step Back

Okay, so the latest revision bugged me enough to edit some more–though I won’t touch the audio, even with a itty-bitty glitch and the white noise in the back because this is about the thirtieth attempt.  Unfortunately, what this meant was updating two files in Movie Maker (a copy of the original because I’m anal-retentive), the movie itself in .wav format, this file in Typepad for the weblog, and ohmygod–Flash 8.

I travel a lot in life without knowing where I’m going or how I got there, and I work the same way.  Therefore, rather than junk things up with trying to overwrite the file in Flash, and anxious not to use up the entire hard drive with poem files, I deleted the first flash version and associated files.  I figured that hey, I got the job done the first time I tried, why would I screw up in doing it a second time?

Of course, I did.  Somehow I ended up embedding the entire movie into a one-second time frame in the wrong Flash format in the wrong flash file.  However, this is how one learns.  I tracked that sucker down, deleted all references and associated files, and went back to square one.  I realized that I wasn’t supposed to end with creating the .fla or .flv file, but rather convert it again to an .swf (or whatever). 

For me, while I may pick my way around to succeed, I’ll forget the path I took to get there.  Especially if I don’t intend to do the same thing soon.  This gave me the opportunity to reinforce the learning and because of the need to retrace steps, made me more alert to plan and reason things out.

Luck can get things done, but learning is the way to go.

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