REALITY?: Uh-boy.

Hanging on by my toenails to some semblance of sanity here.  Another pipe leak in the cellar, and we’ve had the water shut off since last night–luckily not the heat as well.  We’ve made a conscious decision to hold off on getting the plumber in until tomorrow since we’re tired of paying weekend emergency rates.  (NOTE:  I’d gladly live with Jackson’s Hill House’s slamming doors and noisy nights over this house’s pipe-bursting activities on weekends.)  We also need to take out a section of a finished ceiling that the idiot who owned the house before us insisted on putting up–this in a homestead that has a plumber on speed-dial. 

It’s been one month since I retained the services of a new lawyer who promised to end my nightmare by the end of January.  He’s done nothing except send a letter letting everybody know that he’s my lawyer now, and spoken ten minutes with my previous lawyer to get some papers that I offered him in my first consultation.  Oh yes, and he’s cashed the $1,500 retainer I gave him immediately. 

In the meantime, my greedy sister is still freely spending our small inheritance on renovations for my dad’s house because she intends to buy it some day (it’s only been nearly three years).

Glad she’ll be getting updated plumbing. 

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