WRITING: Drafts 1 – 6

I’m done, I think, with When The Crows Gather, Draft #6.  I’ve spent hours on it these past few days.  It’s ready, I believe, to try to make a go of it in the publishing world.  The doubts are still there, yes; it would be nice to have had someone read it.

I dug up and read Draft #1, dated 2/23/2005.  Wow.  I honestly thought that was any good?  How different, and yet there are many of the same lines–those favorites that I haven’t been able to cut loose.  What is the difference, what made the changes in that year?  Drafts #2, 3, 4 and 5–when did I work on those?  I won’t look.  Most likely they were done within a month following the original.  I don’t think I’ve read the story since; just called up Draft #5, renamed a copy of it #6, and moved from there. 

The characters, I think, have developed.  The story has become more vital, more filled with conflicts piling up.  The beginning?  It still makes no sense to me but it remains.  Because I like it.

But then, I remember:  I liked Draft #1 once upon a time.

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