BLOGGING: Sorting It All Out

I’ve done this before, opened new weblogs when it seemed that my obsession with something overtook the weblog and sent it in another direction.  Then when I finally decide to separate the topic out into a new blog, I end up either duplicating some posts that seem relevant to both places, or sit and ponder which blog a post should go into.  This, after going through all the effort of transferring 120 postings because it took me that long to decide to make the move.

Well, I’m trying to come up with a solution and what seems best is a link to the post from here to there, or there to here, though the idea sort of carries with it a sense of self-promotion that taints the plan.

I’ve got a list of things to post about this morning, from playing cards to lemon trees and clouds, and though most will end up in Hypercompendia as new media based, Spinning as well has a lot of interest in new media as the projects are literary-based and you can’t make a split between text and multimedia anymore as a logical division.

But Hypercompendia, as well as Spinning, really, is just as much for my own satisfaction in keeping a record of some of my escapades as for sharing my thoughts with the masses.  (Here’s where I write for myself; where the fiction is still geared towards a need to be read by others.)

Again, this is just a train of thought but certainly a question of the new media means called "blogging."

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