Even as the subject of feeds explodes into a massive question of change, I just noticed that a feed other than Bloglines hasn’t updated itself since Sunday, the 11th–while on Bloglines I’ve noticed daily posts since. 

How trusting have we become–and how paranoid have I?

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  1. The feed I’m picking up has a most recent date of March 24, 2004. I use Sage, in Mozilla Firefox, and it’s automatically picking up this page: as a feed.

  2. susan says:

    Yeah well I’m having some problems here. That’s the latest I’m picking up on now as well. For some reason I had two instances of the weblog in the feedburner account, and the other stuck at March 11, 2007. I deleted it, and this is all that’s left. I’m trying to update the remaining one from 2004, but I may have to end up deleting it as well–and lose all the folk who subscribe.

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