LITERATURE: Ficciones – The Library of Babel

This is one of my favorites–likely because my comprehension of it changed with each new branch of information brought in a paragraph, and because I should have written all those ideas down for what I’m left with at the end of a single reading is an image of the network of human life.

And that changed from an original image of a single human brain.

A library, labyrinth of hexagons perfectly formed and perfectly nearly endless.  All knowledge that can be known, past and future, in every language, innumerable books relating to each other and somehow making nonsense into sense; sense to nonsense. 

Men seeking the answers to the mysteries, though it be impossible for any single one man to know it all.  Separately, there is an organization to it if it can all be brought together. But maybe it’s humanity itself that keeps the rooms adjacent yet apart from each other.  Maybe it’s just human nature or maybe government or maybe war.  Or maybe the library is God.

A fun story, a make-you-think story.  Another Borges-question: Why, whatever does he mean?

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  1. creechman says:

    I always liked mazes as a kid. Then came “The Shining.” So that’s definitely OVER.

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