TECHNOLOGY: Rebuilding

Haven’t had the time to simply sit down and tear apart the main computer so I’ve been checking it out a bit at a time, but things don’t look good.

I believe I may have a fried motherboard.

I have a few shelves full of computer parts downstairs: monitors, cases, keyboards, mice, power supplies, memory, and yards of connectors, bowls of itty-bitty "things."  Still, "things" get outdated and no longer fit together so it may be time again to start from scratch.  What bugs me is that the pc in question was just built about two, maybe three years ago so it should’ve lasted longer than it has.  I was really hoping that the problem was the monitor, since that’s about seven years old and I’d’ve liked to justify a new flat panel purchase instead of a motherboard buy. 

While I use the laptop almost constantly–even when the main pc was working–it’d be a good idea to have the main one loaded with all the latest and largest since the laptop is a couple years old and limited in space.  It’d be nice to get some of the software, especially the large programs like Adobe and the games off the laptop and onto the main system.

Under consideration as well is a Mac, but then I’d have to really start from scratch with big bucks when I do have plenty of working parts around and can get a super system back up with only a couple hundred dollars’ worth of new parts.  It’s going to take some research and some planning to decide which way to go.

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