REALITY?: Dinner

Corned beef and cabbage, carrots and potatoes all a one-pot dinner with a mandatory single can of beer done in the pressure cooker.  And two apple pies.  One we bring to Gus’ and one is left here for Jim so he won’t think I made the special effort for someone more important to me than him.

Him’s birthday is this Friday and I’ll take him out to eat, give him a mushy card and maybe scratch his back.  He wants to go out to the new Cabela’s.  Claims there’s a good restaurant there.  I think there’s something other than food that lures him there.

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3 Responses to REALITY?: Dinner

  1. easywriter says:

    Sounds yummy. Now I’m hungry so I guess I will have to go duplicate this complete with apple pies. Hope your computer woes get sorted out soon. And have fun on Him’s Birthday! I wonder what entices?

  2. Lisa Kenney says:

    I swear to you that I was thinking about corned beef and cabbage last night. I thought it might be the snow coming early that had me pondering comfort food. Now I think I was sensing your intent to make a New England boiled dinner, as we used to call it. Delicious.

  3. susan says:

    It hit the spot. I was also looking for good-smelling things and that’s the reason we go to Gus’ rather than have him over. He misses the smell of home cooking in his kitchen since Chris died three years ago.

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