Sans hard drives, monitor, keyboard, mouse, the new pc still should have beeped when I plugged ‘er in.  No beep.  Likely it should have made many beeps, shrieking about the lack of keyboard, mouse, etc. 

I’ll drag it into the other room to hook up the monitor and stuff and see if I can get ito the BIOS.  If all goes well, I’ll transfer the hard drive and see if Windows XP will accept the new hardware environment.  Then it’s a case of adding the second hard drive (or third–transferring data) and the DVD/CD unit.

The messy part of all this is that the old (2 years?) pc I’m replacing is the main networking control and has the cable hookup so that without redelegating authority, I’ll have to keep the old one together until I know the new one will take over with no problems. 

I may be off internet for a bit–all four pcs are dependent on that one connection. Most likely I won’t play with that part until late tonight.

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2 Responses to TECHNOLOGY: No Beep

  1. Creechman says:

    Bummer annoying! I’m sure you might fall back on well-researched, streamingly poetic oaths, if necessary, to fix up those PCs.

  2. susan says:

    Oh, oaths. I was using curses. Maybe if I take the higher road to success it’ll work,

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