WRITING: Using Storyspace to Inspire

I’ve been posting on my writing using the software Storyspace on my other weblog, but wanted to duplicate this particular post here as it has a lot to do with the writing process, and it’ll prove I haven’t just been sitting around eating bonbons:

To better explain by example, though I don’t show the take-off points or source links, here’s just some random bits of the writing I’ve done in the past couple of days on a story that to me, had been complete long ago:

I mean really, when your child asks you for anything, anything at all, in that sweet lyrical language, well, how cool is that?

"I looked down and saw it–for that was all I could bear to call its name.  But I will know it forever by its body and  its  face though never in my life see it again.

Only the wind.  Moving life on.  What don’t get sucked down into the earth should move on.
These are unrelated in the narrative, yet related to the underlying story being told.  Even I’m discovering more each time I read it; more to be examined, more to be told. For example, this has been teasing me for a few days, a part of the original story, but how much more can be told:
Or like the stripped down morning bed you catch sight of when walking down the hall of nursing homes.  An empty chair at evening pinochle.

Now how long can I resist the temptation on that?

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