WRITING: Where have I been?

Well writing, of course.  Only not here.  Writing story into the Storyspace environment or writing about the writing of hypertext in that program.  So I’ve been writing a lot, a real lot, but I’ve only been working on that and honestly, only reading my own stuff for editing purposes and little progress has been made on Agee and Augustine since the devil entered my soul via this new writing process.

This is definitely a new way of thinking.  I’m enjoying the fun of going anywhere with a story without the restrictions of the God Almighty arc.  It’s there, but I’ve twisted it into miles of crisscrossing paths and detours and mis-steps and unchartered waters and any and all cliches you can name that is the nature of hypertext. 

And underneath it all, is a plan.  There’s plot, there’s conflict.  But it can drop in unexpectedly.  As a matter of fact, the reader brings it upon himself.  If he chooses to follow the safely marked road, then there are some nice little stories awaiting his reading.  If a bit more adventurous, he will see another side of these characters that will tell him so much more about them, change his mind, make him switch sides perhaps, or hope he’d turned left instead of right.

Fun.  Lotsa fun in the writing.  And only because I had great fun in the reading of one hypertext novel that really was the piece that tipped the scale–tipped it over, that’s how much weight it held–in my pursuit of this new format.

What I’m finding is that it is a more encouraging method of writing, egging me to to dig deeper, take the ball and run with it, and all these cliches and more that mean it’s productive.

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  1. Dean says:

    Fun. Lotsa fun in the writing.

    And that’s practically all that matters.

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