BLOGGING: Internet Promises Eternal Life!

NOT from Google:

"The loss of a loved one can be a troubling thing. The grief, inconvenience, and loneliness brought on by the sudden separation from a spouse, colleague, or even a casual acquaintance often causes a profoundly negative effect on productivity and quality of life. However, here at Google we have a solution: Google Immortal (or Gmortal). Gmortal allows you to continue making decisions, communicating with loved ones, and even maintain your blog long after you expire."
The above is from here, and is a spoof–but how far off are they from possibility?
Found the above as a post at Google Blogoscoped.Com, which has some excellent and informative postings on the Google way of doing things.
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2 Responses to BLOGGING: Internet Promises Eternal Life!

  1. Wayne says:

    Funny beyond hilarious. You gotta love it.

  2. easywriter says:

    ROFLMAO but you never know. Someone will make it work…Google….

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