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I was going to integrate this into the prior post on Commentary (in response to Steve Ersinghaus’ post on Comments and Additive Expression) but tried to instead focus on the particular points that Steve raised.

Sometimes though, some reasons and purposes that may appear arbitrary could in fact become primary when considered in a different viewpoint and focus not of academic concern, perhaps, but of a community nature.  However, both in the campus classroom and the corporate office, the notion of teamwork and team effort and communication seems to be highly emphasized over individual achievement.  So this post from new weblogger Wayne at Nutty Steamers should hold some strong evidence for support via commentary:

Hey I’m amazed at the community you all have going here. I mean, I just arrived here a week or so ago, and wow!, the kindness is outrageous. To all of you who take the time to show up here, read, and comment: THANKS. I am completely stoked.

I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t commented on Wayne’s entry, but I think that what he’s attempting to do with his weblog is what a majority of webloggers do strive to achieve: a camaraderie of like minded-individuals forming a loose community that offer not just pats on the back or a ready ear, but a sharing of information and experience relative and topical to their interests.

So there.

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2 Responses to BLOGGING: More on Commentary

  1. Creechman says:

    camaraderie: all for one and one for… whatever.

  2. easywriter says:

    Think you’re right. Wayne has some mighty fine writing going on over there too.

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