REALITY?: Attitude

Just an all-around tough day today.  Up to five band-aids so far, though only two are glass-cuts.  Two are cracked skin from the cold and glass-cleaning and one is a torn fingernail.

Been trying to be upbeat about the end of one year, beginning of a new one but if things don’t start looking up in at least one little way…well…

I need change. I need to feel worthwhile.  I need to be successful at something. I need to feel good about myself and though there’s a lot of bad stress off me now, some good stress from positive efforts would be fine.

Just a rough day.  I’ll be in a better mind tomorrow.

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3 Responses to REALITY?: Attitude

  1. Anne says:

    If you breathe and step, if you hold the broken glass, and warm fire, and creek, and path, and wall and book and loss and body against you with understanding, if you place them in your pocket then take another step, is that not success?

  2. susan says:

    That’s a beautiful thought, Anne, and yes, I’m grateful that I can still breathe and step ahead. It’s just that each step seems moonwalked and I can’t move forward anymore.

    All my own fault, btw; made the wrong choices when I still had time to make them.

  3. easywriter says:

    Susan I am walking beside you in spirit and understand that days like this where all the world is a weight and our place in it is lost exist. These days of uncertainty and regret must pass and leave us cleansed and stronger, that is my hope for both of us.

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