REALITY?: Easter Leftovers

The feeling is there, even though it’s not particularly religious.  It is human, and human wants to label things and maybe things that are good go together with God and church and religion.  The fact that Easter becomes fraught with bunnies and chocolate eggs instead of sacrifice and death is just a symbol after all.  And tradition does have meaning, meaning roots.  Dinner shared with family or with friends has all the blessedness one needs to derive from life.  A bounty, love, and sharing. 

Today the house is clean and I relax a bit.  I change the water in the bouquet that Gus had brought me.  I eat the coconut custard pie that Biz brought, knowing it’s my favorite.  Thankful too to Jim for helping out to make the time go smoothly and of course, to carve the ham.  What better folks to share the days with than three of my favorite men.  I am indeed a lucky woman.

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