REALITY?: Me and The Guys

So here I am, making Easter dinner, waiting for the ham and the potatoes, and our guests have arrived.  Gus, into his fourth year without Chris and tired of the dating scene, and Biz, who really would love to be married but somehow has eluded that scenario.  Gus comes in his truck–not warm enough for the Ducati, and Mr. Biz has dusted off the Porsche.

The guys are sitting around drinking my wine and talking muzzleloaders and fine shotguns.  I’m pretending to be doing something necessary on the computer while I’m waiting for the ham and potatoes to bake.  We’ll have kielbasi and sauerkraut, beets w/red cabbage and caraway seeds, green beans, eggs, rye bread, baked ham and potatoes rolled  in ginger ale.  Ice cream and home-canned peached for dessert; home made wine for  the waiting. 

We’ve always (or I should say I’ve, since the male counterpart has changed, though the same for the past eighteen years) tried to offer a meal to those left alone on the holidays.  It’s always turned out to be me and the guys.  Stuffed shrimp for New Year’s Eve, ham and kielbasi for Easter, prime rib around Christmas and turkey for Thanksgiving.  Before it used to be late dinner after the family left; now, without family, they come at prime time.

It’s fun. 

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