NEW MEDIA: Converting to Flash

I’ve tiptoed into the Flash 8 program long enough to shake off my confusion and convert the Recycling version 2 movie into a .swf file that can be played on the Flash Player and appears to be higher quality.  However, with the change in screen format I see that even making much of the text overlays even smaller in my latest editing was not enough.  It’s surprising what the various mediums and means do in subtle changes that point out the flaws in a huge way.  I’m sure that if I project this onto a screen or wall, folks will be hiding under their chairs.

My reasoning for saving it into the .swf format was that I thought I might learn from how it was set up in Flash 8 as far as timeline etc.  However, it doesn’t do that.  Try and learn is often a crash and burn endeavor, but at the very least I now have this ridiculous poem in at least a dozen different forms and programs.  In truth, I didn’t go into Flash with the thought of converting so much as finding out that I could by clicking around a bit.  I have no idea if any of this was useful information since I don’t know what to do with the file except that I can now play it locally in a nicer format.  It also doesn’t take three minutes to load.  Except that you can’t load and play it here because I tried that and it didn’t work except to download the whole thing and I stopped it well before the three minutes were up.

Oh, well.

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA: Converting to Flash

  1. steve says:

    All this trial and error stuff is very cool.

  2. susan says:

    Yeahbut, it tends to turn it into a very time-consuming proposition. While it’s a great–and for me the best–way to learn not only how to work a program but what works and what doesn’t, the flaws in my design and a tendency to not let go until things are corrected make an experiment into a huge project. Now it bothers me about the text; that means I have to fix about six different copies of this and not clutter the hard drive with all the fallout.

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