REALITY?: A Vicious Cycle

The heater broke and I am freezing here in the shop.   So I drink hot coffee.  The hot coffee does two things; warms me for a little while and two, makes me need to go.  Aided by the cold as the warming effects wear thin, I really, really, have to go.  I run back to the house to take care of needs and maybe linger till my fingers thaw and head back out to the shop.

Where the cycle starts all over again.

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4 Responses to REALITY?: A Vicious Cycle

  1. Creechman says:

    That sounds remarkably like a woman next morning describing iterative love-making.

    If you fall off the cycle, get back up on it. Then read Jane Austen for inspiration.

  2. Too bad you can’t just take your work into the house with you and be warm.

    Susan, I’ve awarded you A Roar For Powerful Words!

  3. susan says:

    I’ve had to shorten the hours of opening, limiting the days of the week and in the afternoon once the sun turns the corner.

    Barbara, thank you! I’m working on it.

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